1511 Dalera


Maurizio Scardella, Francesco Franceschini, Angelo Tomassini
Associazione Tuscolana di Astronomia (D06)
Osservatorio Astronomico “F. Fuligni”
Via Lazio, 14 – località Pratoni del Vivaro – 00040
Rocca di Papa (RM) – ITALY

Photometric observations of the asteroid 1511 Dalera were made on three nights in 2015 February and March. Analysis of the data found a lightcurve with a synodic period P = 3.880 ± 0.001 h with amplitude A = 0.18 mag.

The main-belt asteroid 1511 Dalera was selected from the “Potential Lightcurve Targets” web site (Warner, 2015) and observed on three nights, 2015 Feb 27, Mar 6 and Mar 10. Observations were carried out from Franceschini Observatory in Rome (Italy), using a 9.25 in. Schmidt-Cassegrain f/6.2 equipped with an ATIK 314L CCD camera. The exposures were unfiltered. All images were calibrated with dark and flat-field frames. Differential photometry and period analysis was done using MPO Canopus (Warner, 2012).

The derived synodic period was P = 3.880 ± 0.001 h (Fig.1) with an amplitude of A = 0.18 mag.


Figure 1.The lightcurve of 1511 Dalera with a period of 3.880 ± 0.001 h and amplitude of 0.18 mag.


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