Periodo di rotazione di 3766 Magnusson

Angelo Tomassini, Maurizio Scardella, Francesco Franceschini
Fernando Pierri
Associazione Tuscolana di Astronomia (D06)
F. Fuligni Observatory
Via Lazio, 14 – località Pratoni del Vivaro – 00040
Rocca di Papa (RM) – ITALY

The inner main-belt asteroid (3677) Magnusson has been observed over several nights in the late 2018 summer in order to determine its synodic rotation period
and amplitude. Lightcurve analysis shows a synodic period P = 7.90 ± 0.01 h with an amplitude A = 0.89 mag.

The main-belt asteroid 3677 Magnusson has been selected from the listing of “Lightcurve Photometry Opportunities” July-September (Warner, 2018). This asteroid, belonging to the Flora family, has been discovered by Edward Bowell in 1984 and is named in honor of Per Magnusson, a planetary astronomer at
Uppsala Observatory. All the observations were carried out from F. Fuligni Observatory, using a 0.35-m f/10 Advanced Coma Free telescope and SBIG ST8-XE CCD camera with Bessel R filter and from Franceschini’s equipment using a 9.25″ f/6.3 reflector telescope equipped with Atik 314L- CCD camera with Astrodon R
filter. All images were calibrated with dark frames. Differential photometry and period analysis was done using MPO Canopus (Warner, 2012).

The derived synodic period was P = 7.90 ± 0.01 h (Fig.1) with an amplitude of A = 0.89 mag.

Harris, A.W., Young, J.W., Scaltriti, F., Zappala, V. (1984).
“Lightcurves and phase relations of the asteroids 82 Alkmene and 444 Gyptis.” Icarus 57, 251-258.
Warner, B.D. (2012). MPO Software, Canopus version
Bdw Publishing,
Warner, B.D. (2018). “Lightcurve Photometry Opportunities 2018 July-September.” MPB 45-3.

Figure 1.The lightcurve of (3677) Magnusson with a period of 7.90 ± 0.01 h and an amplitude of 0.89 mag.




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