Calcolo del periodo di rotazione di 16852 Nuredduna

Angelo Tomassini, Maurizio Scardella, Francesco Franceschini
ATA (Associazione Tuscolana di Astronomia)
“F. Fuligni” Observatory (MPC code D06)
Via Lazio, 14 – Rocca di Papa (RM) – 00040 – ITALY

The main-belt asteroid (16852) Nuredduna, was
observed between October and December 2017. The
synodic period is 6.3 ± 0.1 h.
Discovered in June 1995 at Steward Observatory, (16852)
Nuredduna was selected for observation from the “Lightcurve
Photometry Opportunities: Oct-Dec 2017” (Warner, 2017).
The observations of this main-belt asteroid lasted five nights
between October and December 2017. The observations were
carried out from F. Fuligni Observatory using a 0.35-m f/10 ACF
telescope and SBIG ST8-XE CCD camera with Bessel clear filter
and by Francesco Franceschini using a 9.25″ f/6.3 reflector
telescope equipped with Atik 314L+ CCD camera unfiltered. All
images were dark and flat-field calibrated with Maxim DL. The
lightcurve analysis has been performed with a differential
photometry technique extrapolating the best polynomial of
approximation of the observations, using the program MPO
Canopus (Warner, 2012). The resulting synodic period is found to
be P = 6.3 ± 0.1 h with an amplitude of A = 0.41 mag (Figure 1).

                                                      Fig. 1 Curva di luce dell’asteroide 16852 Nuredduna

We would like to thank Fernando Pierri, Simone Nodari and
Samuele Piscitello for help in taking image frames and
maintenance of the ATA observatory instruments.